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Pros And Cons Of Starting A Gardening Business Franchise In Australia

Gardening Business FranchiseStarting a gardening business or a lawn care business in Australia can be a great idea for those who love the outdoors, enjoy gardening and of course, don’t mind the hard physical labour that is the mainstay of this profession. Australian home owners are big on the idea of a green space in their homes, so there exists a great business opportunity for those interested. There are two ways to get into the gardening business – one is to start out independently and the other is to start a gardening business franchise. Both have their plus and minus points but today we shall only consider the pros and cons of starting a gardening business Franchise in Australia.

The pros of starting a gardening business franchise in Australia:

• Success of any business depends on its customer base. An independent gardening business owner who is just starting out has to work towards building up a customer base. Instead, starting a gardening business franchise in Australia ensures that you have the support network and the customer base right from the initial stage. If you face difficulties on the job you can easily turn to the support network, that is, the franchisor who can guide you and help you out.

• While you do need the basic gardening knowledge to start a gardening business, it is not necessary that you have the business experience for it if you’re planning on purchase of a gardening franchise. The franchisor provides the basic training to help you run the business according to the set model.

The cons of starting a gardening business franchise in Australia:

• To start a gardening business franchise, firstly, you need a considerable amount of investment. Initially to buy the franchise – you pay to use the brand name and reputation of the company you’re tying up with. Besides, you also have to share part of your profits with the franchisor.

• You cannot independently run your gardening business – you must function within the framework laid down by the parent company. How you run the business is dictated by the terms of the contract agreement you’ve entered into with the franchisor.

• A Gardening Franchises Businesses For Sale is not for people who prefer to work independently. Since you are bound by the contract agreement, your creativity is limited which may in turn affect your passion for the job thereby reducing your profit margins.

We’ve discussed some of the major considerations in starting a gardening business franchise in Australia. Whether you choose to go for a gardening franchise or not depends on personal choice which is again dictated by several factors such as investment, your own ability to handle the physical labour, your knowledge and skills about gardening and lawn care, etc.

However, if you’ve made up your mind about Garden Services QLD in Australia take a look at what Fox Mowing has on offer at http://foxmowingqld.com.au.


New Gardening Business Franchise From FoxMowingQLD

FRANCHISE INFORMATIONTake a trip around your neighbourhood – how many folks have a garden? More importantly, if you carefully observe the garden, how many of them even look nice? Hollywood movies show lovely gardens as the camera passes a neighbourhood. The reality as you will find out, is quite different.

Some of the gardens you drive by will belong to your friends. If they are outside, stop by and ask them about how much time they spend tending to in their garden. Most will just shrug and say the watering system takes care of it. And it shows!

You will see lawns full of weeds, flower shrubs that are in desperate need of pruning, scrawny looking shrubs, trees that don’t look healthy and if you look closer, you will notice gutters full of mud and dried leaves. This story you observe, is repeated across the entire neighbourhood. Zoom past, and the garden look lovely. Stop and really look and you will spot the issues.

Fact is, today everyone wants to be on auto-pilot. They want things to take care of themselves – especially things like the garden; things that require quite a bit of work. If there was a pill to solve such problems, it would be worth a fortune. Well, how about the next best?

Multiply your observations on gardens that require attention and you will see the business potential we are referring to. Fox Mowing Gardening business franchise (more information here: http://foxmowingqld.com.au), not only offers training to get your professional Garden Services QLD business going, they equip you, offer professional advice and help you set it up and get going.

Professional gardening business is very profitable. You usually start with identifying beautiful homes with poor gardens. The former identifies folks that won’t mind paying and the latter identifies the need. Offer your gardening services – professionally and technically backed by Fox Mowing QLD.

The process usually starts with removing existing lawn, flowering beds and vegetable gardens. Removing existing used topsoil and relaying fresh organically treated topsoil, creating a natural drainage system. Relaying new laws, flowering beds with carefully selected flowering shrubs so they flower year round and finally, best seeds for the vegetable garden. Once the customer sees the results, annual garden maintenance contracts are a given!

Pretty soon the word spreads and your phone (and cash registers) will ring sweet music. The Gardening Franchises Businesses For Sale from Fox Mowing is about identifying a need and fulfilling it. The financial terms are easy too and specifically designed to help you start with very little but quickly grow into a name for professional gardening and garden maintenance in your neighbourhood.

Advantages of Buying a Gardening Franchise

Gardening FranchiseBy joining the Fox Mowing team, you will have a world of opportunities at your fingertips. Fox Mowing is known for being a great local company that gives lawn services to those in the local areas. Their staff lives in the areas that they service so there is always someone ready to take care of your lawn.

Fox Mowing has decades of service experience and they have a vast knowledge of lawn services and maintenance. Their staff is given full background checks and they are insured. You can rest assured that they will take perfect care of your lawn and garden. They do all types of services such as fertilizing and odd jobs around the yard as well.

Franchising Opportunities

There are many advantages to buying a Gardening Franchises Businesses For Sale. Being your own boss is only one of them. When you start with Fox Mowing, you will already have a client base. This will be your main source of income and you can even start to advertise to build more and more clients. When you sign on to be a franchising partner with Fox Mowing, you will get an established area and a trailer and equipment may also be included. That depends on the area where you want to work.

High demand is one of the other benefits for joining the Fox Mowing team. You will have business coming to you day after day. Australia is a huge place and the more clients you receive; you will see your income growing rapidly. The staff at Fox Mowing will train you to become one of the best gardeners in the country. This will only help you to build your customer base.

Areas that Fox Mowing Serves

Because Australia is such a large country, your Fox Mowing service can accommodate the gardens and lawns in your area. They are located all over the country in places such as Queensland, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, and Regional Queensland. Fox Mowing prides itself on getting to all of its customers. When you join the team of Fox Mowing by becoming a franchise partner, you will see just how great this opportunity is.

You will learn quite a bit from the partners of Fox Mowing. They will teach you the proper ways to mow a lawn along with protecting a lawn from a drought. The staff can also teach you the most appropriate ways to fertilize a lawn and how much fertilizer it takes to get the lawn beautiful and green again. You will learn everything that a lawn needs and how you can make your customers’ lawn much greener.

By signing on with Fox Mowing’s Lawn Mowing Franchise Sunshine Coast, you will get a chance to make customers happy along with building a steady income for yourself. Calling them today will put you one step closer to becoming your own boss and joining a great team of lawn care professionals. It doesn’t take much to become part of a great company with an even better reputation.