New Gardening Business Franchise From FoxMowingQLD

FRANCHISE INFORMATIONTake a trip around your neighbourhood – how many folks have a garden? More importantly, if you carefully observe the garden, how many of them even look nice? Hollywood movies show lovely gardens as the camera passes a neighbourhood. The reality as you will find out, is quite different.

Some of the gardens you drive by will belong to your friends. If they are outside, stop by and ask them about how much time they spend tending to in their garden. Most will just shrug and say the watering system takes care of it. And it shows!

You will see lawns full of weeds, flower shrubs that are in desperate need of pruning, scrawny looking shrubs, trees that don’t look healthy and if you look closer, you will notice gutters full of mud and dried leaves. This story you observe, is repeated across the entire neighbourhood. Zoom past, and the garden look lovely. Stop and really look and you will spot the issues.

Fact is, today everyone wants to be on auto-pilot. They want things to take care of themselves – especially things like the garden; things that require quite a bit of work. If there was a pill to solve such problems, it would be worth a fortune. Well, how about the next best?

Multiply your observations on gardens that require attention and you will see the business potential we are referring to. Fox Mowing Gardening business franchise (more information here:, not only offers training to get your professional Garden Services QLD business going, they equip you, offer professional advice and help you set it up and get going.

Professional gardening business is very profitable. You usually start with identifying beautiful homes with poor gardens. The former identifies folks that won’t mind paying and the latter identifies the need. Offer your gardening services – professionally and technically backed by Fox Mowing QLD.

The process usually starts with removing existing lawn, flowering beds and vegetable gardens. Removing existing used topsoil and relaying fresh organically treated topsoil, creating a natural drainage system. Relaying new laws, flowering beds with carefully selected flowering shrubs so they flower year round and finally, best seeds for the vegetable garden. Once the customer sees the results, annual garden maintenance contracts are a given!

Pretty soon the word spreads and your phone (and cash registers) will ring sweet music. The Gardening Franchises Businesses For Sale from Fox Mowing is about identifying a need and fulfilling it. The financial terms are easy too and specifically designed to help you start with very little but quickly grow into a name for professional gardening and garden maintenance in your neighbourhood.

Advantages Of Professional Garden Maintenance Program

Garden MaintenanceUntil recently, for past eight years or so, I’ve been personally attending to our lawn, flower beds and trees in the front as well as the vegetable garden at the back. I was my own ‘professional’ gardener if I may say so. Initially everything seemed to go well but over the years I’ve been noticing little things like flower beds looking kind of ‘wild’, too many weeds in the lawn and vegetable garden was becoming less and less successful as the years went by.

Friends and neighbours recommended this fertiliser and that, watering and pruning techniques were discussed and debated. Benefits of ‘natural’ v/s chemical based weed killers were discussed. Some technologically inclined folks even talked about automation in gardening (whatever that was because I didn’t understand a word of it).

Quite frankly, the outdoor space was becoming more difficult to handle and quite frustrating as well. Than one fine morning about a year ago, I noticed van fuelling at the local gas station – the advert of its side offered professional gardening services including a professional garden maintenance program (website So, I walked up to the man with ‘Fox Mowing’ coveralls and asked him about the services. 15 minutes later a pamphlet in hand, I was dialling the Fox Mowing company and asking about their professional garden maintenance program.

Now for the past year or so, they have been attending to my garden – the lawn, trees, flowering beds and even the vegetable garden. Everything has changed – for the better. The lawn looks beautiful (it is the best in the entire neighbourhood if I may say so); we have flowers all year round and even the veggies are not only bountiful, they are well formed (instead of the scrawny things that were growing earlier).

The initial cost was high because there (obviously) was a lot of work to be done. In fact, the entire lawn was removed, all the flowering shrubs were removed and the entire vegetable patch was cleared. Fox Mowing first worked on the ground itself, removing the topsoil and relaying fresh top soil. They treated the new soil with some organic fertilisers and also created a natural drainage system.

Once the Fox Mowing professionals were happy with the soil, they began planting the grass (kind of unrolling carpets of grass). They brought in different types of flowering shrubs. The Fox Mowing Gardening Noosaville professionals planned it quite cleverly so we would enjoy flowers all year round.

I also loved the new vegetable garden. In fact, since the past six months I have stopped buying veggies altogether and my family now enjoys home grown 100% organic veggies. But best of all, I no longer spends hours and hours working outdoors and then becoming frustrated at the results. The Fox Mowing Professional Gardening Business Franchise Program does it for me and they are more than worth it.

FoxMowingQLD Lawn Mowing Franchise Could Be the Perfect Choice for You

FRANCHISE INFORMATIONLiving in the house or in a building isn’t complete without the green areas, wouldn’t you agree? Since the English invented the lawn mower in 1830 human kind tends to maintain the appearance of their lawn in the yard. It is very important who keeps your lawn well maintained, so FoxMowingQLD could be the perfect choice for you.

Fox Mowing is a company that is made up of people who are passionate about lawn mowing with the decades of experience. The best thing about employees of the company is that they are locals. This means that they live in the area where they operate, so they know the lay of the land and what local people really want from them. When you hire Fox Mowing QLD you are stimulating your local economy and your local entrepreneurs. You shouldn’t be concern when it comes to our people because all of them pass the police checks and the company is insured for the services they provide. Fox Mowing QLD guarantees the best quality and standards possible in the industry.

The Fox Mowing Garden Care Services QLD provides:

Basically the lawn can be maintained successfully following these basic rules: Feed it properly, check on it from time to time and provide it a killer haircut.

Feed your lawn- By saying this I mean that you should fertilize your Gardening Franchises For Sale in a proper way. You can choose from the chemical, organic and liquid fertilizers. The best time to start with the fertilizing is when the weather is warm, but you should avoid fertilizing it in hot weather. You tend to do that in the early morning. If your lawn doesn’t respond to the fertilizers then you should check it or to do a pH testing.

Water your lawn- The lawn doesn’t need watering or showering every day like us. The best results you will achieve are if you deep water your lawn then the grass needs it. In order to test if you are doing it in the right way you can put a screwdriver into the soil and if it goes all the way in (about 250 mm) then you have passed the test. Like the fertilizing, watering should be also performed in the morning.

Killer Haircut

The best mowing secret is this. Keep the grass long and cut often.

If you want to achieve thick and lush lawn you only need to remove approximately one third of leaf per one mow and to mow it regularly. People often make mistake and cut their lawns too short because either they don’t like the mowing so they don’t perform it regularly or they think that if you cut it lower the longer time it will need to grow back.

FoxMowingQLD Gardening Services Will Help You Achieve Better Results

Gardening ServicesFox Mowing QLD is offering a wide variety of services such as: Lawn Care, Fertilizing, Garden care, Weed Control, Maintenance, and Landscaping etc. Watering your garden is very important. You can find information about various methods of watering: amount of water and frequency of watering. When you plan the watering of your garden you have to consider: type of plant, climate, soil condition, and different times of the year.

Plant Type

The type of plant is very important as it will dictate the amount of water you will need. Drought-tolerant plants normally can store and retain water better than the plants that are not drought tolerant. You also need to be careful with over-watering the plants because you can damage the root system if you do that.


Climate can have a major impact on a plant. For example if you live in a place where the temperatures are over 30-40 degrees you will have to take care about your plants in a different way than if you live in a place that has a bit lower temperatures.


Soil, of course is important for the plant. For example, if your plants are on a sandy soil they will need more water because the sand as we know dry outs faster than any other type of soil.


We all know that the seasons can have an impact on watering of a plant. Every destination or place has its own seasons from hot summer to frosty winters. So in order to have a good watering strategy you should just check your soil and plants from time to time to check if they really need the watering.

Here the best Gardening Merrimac services that will help you to achieve better results:

Drought Protection

The best drought protection that you can use are selecting plants and shading plants.

Selecting plants is a strategy that consists of thinking ahead in a way that you should just place plants suited to warm and dry environments in your garden.
Shading plants –This strategy is considering an option of putting your plants on containers with wheels in order to move them into cooler places.

Mulching and Re-mulching

Mulch is an organic material that covers ground. Mulch is generally made of leaf fall or dead leaves.

Mulch should be a part of every Gardening Mango Hill. You can use decorative mulch to bright things up and to provide strong color and texture contrasts. Here is why you need to mulch:

Water retention, Weed prevention, Temperature Regulation, Nutrient Boosting, Structure.

There are several types of mulch like Organic and Inorganic.

Organic mulch often consists of dry leaves, straw and woodchips while Inorganic mulch is mostly rocks and pebbles.


Pruning is a very important part of the garden. Pruning should be performed when plants finish blooming for the season. You should be careful about dead or diseased stems or leaves because they can spread the disease to other plants.

Tips For Finding Out More About Buying A Mowing Franchise Opportunities

Mowing FranchiseIf you are searching for a mowing franchise to be a part of, I am assuming that you already have a part or all of the capital to invest in this business. Or at the very least know how you can get the funds for this venture. This should be your first step, in researching how much the mowing franchise will cost and deciding how to finance it.

If you have not thought this through, I am going to put it bluntly, you stand the chance of wasting your time as well as the franchisor’s time. And we all know by now that time means money.

Why a Franchise Instead of Your Own Start-Up

In order to decide if a mowing franchise opportunity is the best option for you, it is good to first understand why being a part of a franchise is more desirable than starting your own mowing business

1. Security – A new business tends to generate less security. When you are new on the market, people are not so quick to trust a new product or brand. Yes, there may be some curious ones who will be willing to try out your service, but the business will need a lot more time to grow.

2. Cost- Because a new business is exactly that, new, the entrepreneur will need to invest more in marketing campaigns and generating leads to ensure success of his or her business. A franchise is already a known brand that people can rely on and most likely have heard about before or know people who have already used this service.

Since we now understand why we are buying a franchise instead of starting up a new mowing business, here are some tips to finding out more about Mowing Franchise Opportunities.

1. Research- at the core of everything in business is research. You will want to research the different mowing franchisor businesses that are out there and determine which is the best for you. To find the best franchisor for you, consider the following:

a) What is the reputation of each franchisor? Knowing your franchisor’s reputation before buying into the business can save you a lot of heartache and mistakes later on. It is a good idea to check out the reviews of customers who have used these franchisors before. What do the customers have to say? Are they satisfied with the service that was rendered? How likely are they to recommend and continue using the service of the franchisor? Remember, your business will take on whatever image that the franchisor already has on the market.

b) What is the sales/marketing approach of the parent company? You want to know this information to ensure that there are minimum conflicts or disagreements in terms of sales strategy. Also, think of their sales/marketing approach with regards to your location. Will this strategy be as successful in whatever location you have chosen?

2. Support and Training- You must ask yourself how much knowledge do you have of the mowing business and is it sufficient to run this business effectively? Will you take a silent approach and delegate the responsibilities to someone else? In determining the success of your business, you want to know how supportive the parent company is and if they provide any form of training to ease you into this venture.


Don’t take it for granted that because a Lawn Mowing Franchise is successful that this is automatically the one for you. Do your research, find out how much support will be offered to you by the parent company given your own level of knowledge of this niche. Determine if their marketing and sales strategy will be as effective for your location. Good luck!!

Advantages of Buying a Gardening Franchise

Gardening FranchiseBy joining the Fox Mowing team, you will have a world of opportunities at your fingertips. Fox Mowing is known for being a great local company that gives lawn services to those in the local areas. Their staff lives in the areas that they service so there is always someone ready to take care of your lawn.

Fox Mowing has decades of service experience and they have a vast knowledge of lawn services and maintenance. Their staff is given full background checks and they are insured. You can rest assured that they will take perfect care of your lawn and garden. They do all types of services such as fertilizing and odd jobs around the yard as well.

Franchising Opportunities

There are many advantages to buying a Gardening Franchises Businesses For Sale. Being your own boss is only one of them. When you start with Fox Mowing, you will already have a client base. This will be your main source of income and you can even start to advertise to build more and more clients. When you sign on to be a franchising partner with Fox Mowing, you will get an established area and a trailer and equipment may also be included. That depends on the area where you want to work.

High demand is one of the other benefits for joining the Fox Mowing team. You will have business coming to you day after day. Australia is a huge place and the more clients you receive; you will see your income growing rapidly. The staff at Fox Mowing will train you to become one of the best gardeners in the country. This will only help you to build your customer base.

Areas that Fox Mowing Serves

Because Australia is such a large country, your Fox Mowing service can accommodate the gardens and lawns in your area. They are located all over the country in places such as Queensland, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, and Regional Queensland. Fox Mowing prides itself on getting to all of its customers. When you join the team of Fox Mowing by becoming a franchise partner, you will see just how great this opportunity is.

You will learn quite a bit from the partners of Fox Mowing. They will teach you the proper ways to mow a lawn along with protecting a lawn from a drought. The staff can also teach you the most appropriate ways to fertilize a lawn and how much fertilizer it takes to get the lawn beautiful and green again. You will learn everything that a lawn needs and how you can make your customers’ lawn much greener.

By signing on with Fox Mowing’s Lawn Mowing Franchise Sunshine Coast, you will get a chance to make customers happy along with building a steady income for yourself. Calling them today will put you one step closer to becoming your own boss and joining a great team of lawn care professionals. It doesn’t take much to become part of a great company with an even better reputation.

Tips Before You Buy a Lawn Mowing Franchise

Watering GardenIf you want to buy a lawn mowing franchise for your own business in Australia, it is important that you are able to adhere to these following tips in order to make sure that you would have the best in terms of market value and viability for your franchise. These tips will help you understand the ins and outs of the lawn mowing business before you even decide to embark on this particular deal.

Important Tips to Remember

Here are some of those tips as follows:

First, you have to make sure that the business has already grown into one of the most viable companies that you can own. This way, you can be assured of reaching your target market without difficulty because of the reputation of the company.

In the case of lawn mowing companies such as Fox Mowing, you can be assured that you will be able to get the best in terms of all the services that they have to offer. You would not have to worry about not being able to achieve customer satisfaction because these services have already been tried and tested through the years.

Specific Services Offered

Some of the most effective Gardening Business Franchise services that you can get from the company is as follows:

1. Lawn Care

You will be given the tricks of the trade when it comes to taking care of your lawn properly. If you need irrigation for your lawn, this company will be able to handle it without difficulty as well. Therefore, if you want to have your lawn taken care of, this establishment will certainly be able to do it for you.

2. Garden Maintenance

If you want a perfectly manicured garden, you will be able to get what you wish for if you hire Fox Mowing as soon as possible. Do you have a large tree trunk that you want to have removed from your garden? If your answer is yes, then the company will be able to help you. If you want to prune your hedges, hiring this company will be the best position that you will have made.

These are just some of the services that you can look forward to if you hire a company like Fox Mowing. If you want to have a viable franchise, you should look for companies that can offer services like these right off the bat.

Additional Tips

Aside from the services, you also have to consider the safety of the gardens and lawns that you will have maintained. Organic solutions when it comes to maintaining the garden should be the foremost priority that you have aside from the company reputation.

If your franchise would pay attention to the environment by using all natural gardening tools and solutions, then it should be on top of your list.

Furthermore, you should also think about the performance of the staff itself. You should be able to work with people who are professional so that you would not end up having to deal with disgruntled customers in the future.


With all these considerations, you should be able to get a successful Lawn Mowing Franchise Brisbane eventually. Be sure that you would be able to keep the business running smoothly if you decide to take the project because it is no easy task. You have to be severely hands on and professional when it comes to handling lawn mowing businesses like this one.