3 Important Garden Care Tips for Maintaining your Garden

Garden Care TipsSo it’s been a year since you’ve moved into a new home which had a nice garden but now looks a bit wilted? Here are some simple garden care tips for bringing the garden back to life and maintaining your garden then on.

Tip # 1: Watering
Most folks assume that watering the garden with a hose pipe as and when they get the time is all that is required to keep the Garden Clean Ups Noosaville and looking fresh. Fact is, plants don’t like to be watered with a hose pipe any more than you would like to drink water from a hose pipe shoved down your throat.

Plants need watering, but gently – almost like with a straw which is why drip irrigation or a soaker hose is usually the recommended method. Not only do the plants thrive in the drip irrigation method, you actually end up saving almost 80% water (despite drip irrigation being on 24 x 7). Also, it is vital to keep the leaves dry because wet leaves attract insects and pests which then proceed to lay eggs on the underside of the leaf.

Watering the garden with a hose pipe either results in too much water or insufficient water. Also, if you are located in the central regions of Australia, the chances are, the ground will be so hot that half the the water you put with a hose pipe will evaporate and the plants will be dehydrated. If you are the gadget type, you can install a soil moisture meter.

Tip # 2: Churn up the Soil
Just as you might have seen farmers loosening the soil before seeding it, so too the soil in your garden needs regular aerating. Over time, soil gets compacted and the roots will have difficulty spreading. Churning the soil also helps soil rich in nutrients to be pushed towards the root and used soil is moved away to be recharged. Aerated soil also absorbs water more readily.

Tip # 3: Recharge the Soil

You recharge the soil by:

1. Spreading a 2-inch layer of mulch (almost any organic matter can be used as mulch materials including straw, hay, leaves, paper, sawdust, bark and grass), on the soil surface above the root area – this reduces evaporation, soil erosion and as the mulch decays, it will recharge the surrounding soil.

2. Mix organic material such as peat moss or compost into the soil.

Finally, our basket of small tips:

The trick to a healthy garden is to feed the soil. Feed the soil and the soil feeds the plants. While at it, dewed your garden regularly because weeds tend to harbour insects and pests. Keep your Garden Clean Ups Merrimac especially get rid of rotting or dead vegetation because they attract worms and pests. Finally, keep your tools clean.

Of course, if you do not have the time to do any of these things, simple call Fox Mowing and they will do it for you. Their website http://foxmowingqld.com.au has all the information you need.


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